Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Enchanted Polish-Wish Me Good Luck

Today, we have Enchanted Polish Wish Me Good Luck, part of their Love A Lot Of Glitter collection. Wish Me Good Luck is a glitter topper consisting of matte chartreuse microglitters, holo shimmer, small lime and teal holo hex glitters, iridescent purple glitters, black bars, small black squares, and a few sizes of black hex glitter.

The polish is kind of thick/gloopy, yet still somehow easy to use.  The glitters glided on evenly and I didn't have to go fishing for shapes or dabbing and placing things.

That being said, the glitters did have one problem:  curling.  The larger black hexes have a slight curve to them and the corners poked out through the Seche Vite (and no, the curling was not caused by the Seche Vite...I just put a layer of Wish Me Good Luck on a nail wheel by itself and the curling is present).  I was actually able to peel the large black hexes off by grabbing the corners (shut up, I was bored, haha).  I haven't seen anyone else complain about curling, so perhaps it's just me?  I'll probably contact Enchanted Polish and let them know that there may be a problem with this glitter. (UPDATE:  Enchanted Polish will be reformulating Wish Me Good Luck, so if your bottle has curling glitter, let  her know and she'll send you a new one when she's done.)

Curling aside, it's stunningly beautiful and very unique.  Shown is one coat of Wish Me Good Luck over Indigo Bananas Anansi (all color shifting is caused by Anansi).


Wish Me Good Luck costs $13 for 15mL (cost is a bit higher when purchased through a stockist). Enchanted Polish does occasional restocks on their website HERE.  Enchanted Polish is also sold on Llarowe, Harlow & Co, and Mei Mei's Signatures.  You can keep up with Enchanted Polish on Facebook HERE.

Wish Me Good Luck was purchased by me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Indigo Bananas-Anansi

Today we have Anansi, from Indigo Bananas' "Nothing Cannot Last" collection.  Anansi is an amazing emerald green/purple duochrome glassfleck.  Most of the time, it looks green, but it easily shifts to purple both indoors and outdoors.  It does not need to be layered over anything, but one coat is light enough that you could probably play with layering, if you're into that.  Application was lovely, no problems there.  Drying time wasn't particularly fast or slow, just average.

My camera gets a bit fussy when I'm trying to photograph polishes with a glass fleck finish, so please forgive how strange the closeup photos can look.  Anansi has a gorgeous, sparkly finish in real life.

Shown is 4-5 coats (plus top coat), but Anansi is opaque at 3 coats.  I had to add a couple of extra coats to get rid of some dents I made while fixing myself a bottle of water (d'oh!).

Check out that duochrome!

So pretty!

 Side view

 Anansi's green shift!

 Anansi's purple shift!

Anansi is $10 for 15mL and $4.50 for 5mL.  You can find the indigo Bananas Etsy shop HERE and you can "Like" Indigo Bananas on Facebook HERE.  Indigo Bananas also has a website, found HERE.

I received Anansi in a candy and polish exchange with the creator, who is a friend of mine.  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nail Art: A UFO Flies Above the Trees!

I finally got some new batteries into my camera and got some decent photos of this mani!  Unfortunately, it was still pretty cloudy out, so the lighting wasn't the best, but oh well.

I really love doing nighttime scenes and silhouettes, so I thought a UFO flying above a forest would be fun!  This was a pretty easy mani and I highly encourage others to try it.  For "regular" trees, you just sort of mash a small brush around and for evergreens, you paint the basic skeleton of the tree and the fill it in a bit with extra strokes.  The UFO is just a line and a dot, with lights dotted on and a painted beam.  These were the products I used:

Cult Nails Nevermore (base)
Sinister Benediction Horse Feathers (sky color, has a teal-blue-purple shift to it)
Orly Liquid Vinyl (trees and UFO)
China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard (lights)

Click to enlarge!

 You can see a bit of Horse Feathers' purple shift here


I think I may try this again in the future, but with a city skyline instead of the trees.  

Sinister Benediction Horse Feathers was provided to me by the creator.  All other polishes and supplies purchased by me

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Camera Woes and Pretty & Polished

I have some fun nail art to show off, but my batteries died mid-shoot, my replacement batteries were all expired and dead, and I'm not super happy with the photos I got before the batteries died.  Oh, and I'm getting new batteries today, but it's rainy and dark.  Hopefully my nail art survives until I can take more photos!

So until I get that sorted out, here are some (terrible) photos that appeared on my Tumblr over the past few months, with new, expanded commentary!

Pretty & Polished Private School is a warm-toned grey crelly with small black and white hex glitters and tiny metallic red microglitters.  I believe I did 3 coats, but some may be content with just two.  Application was fine, though some nails ended up with significantly more glitter than others.  I ultimately ended up passing my bottle on to a friend of mine because it just didn't look right on my skin tone.  Sadly, Private School has been discontinued, but you can still find it on swap groups and blog sales from time to time.

Pretty & Polished Private School.  I had short, rounded nails back then!

Next up is Concoction.  Concoction is a red-toned, deep purple jelly with color-shifting flakes and holographic bits.  I think I used 4 coats, but 3 is probably fine.  It's a very unique polish!  Concoction is $9 for 15mL and can be purchased HERE.

Pretty & Polished Concoction

And now, Olgite!  Olgite is a stunning bright blue shimmer.  Again, I think I used 4 coats because I tend to overdo things.  Whoops.  It's incredibly shiny on its own and no top coat was used for these pics.  Olgite is $8.25 for 15mL and can be purchased HERE.  It's being discontinued, so if you want it, get it before it's gone!

Pretty & Polished Olgite in window-filtered sunlight 

Pretty & Polished Olgite under curio lightbulbs

Next, we have Slime Time.  Slime Time is an olive green jelly...that's pretty much all there is to say, heh.  I believe I did 4 coats here, with a jelly sandwich featuring Ninja polish Sticks n Stones on the accent nail.  As you can see, years of nail biting have given me disgustingly uneven smile lines!  Slime Time has been discontinued

Gross nails, I know.  Sorry!

Moving onward...Sidereal!  Sidereal is a black jelly full of blue flakies and glitters.  This was 3 coats.  It's a very pretty polish but sadly, it has been discontinued.  

I like to think I'm a bit better at taking pictures these days

Now, Steampunk!  Steampunk is a dark gray crelly with blue, pink, and black matte glitters and silver and yellow metallic glitters.  The largest black glitters were a bit tricky, but overall it applied nicely.  I used 3 coats.  Very unique and unusual polish! Sadly, Steampunk is discontinued.  

My middle finger nail is lumpy due to a tear repair not cooperating

Next up, Year One.  This was one of two limited edition polishes released for pretty & Polished's anniversary.  Year one features a blue base full of purple, blue, silver, and green glitters.  It's a bit more blue in person, the lighting made it look green.  I did three coats.  Year One is no longer available because it was a very limited edition.

My middle finger nail is lumpy due to a tear repair not cooperating

And finally, Save the Date!  Save the date is a glitter topper containing several sizes of translucent white hex glitter and iridescent glitters.  Gorgeous polish!  I did one coat of Save the Date over four coats of OPI What's With the Cattitude.  Unfortunately, Save the Date has been discontinued.

My middle finger nail is lumpy due to a tear repair not cooperating

I guess one of the most important things to take away from this post is that if you like a Pretty & Polished product, you shouldn't wait to buy it, since many get discontinued.  You can shop HERE and HERE and you can go HERE for the latest news on Pretty & Polished.  

Minis of Olgite, Slime Time, Sidereal, and Concoction were given to me.  I purchased the rest on my own.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rainbow Honey-Dearly Beloved

For Valentine's Day, Rainbow Honey created two numbered, Limited Edition polishes to be given away with orders of $50 or more (choice of one polish) and $100 or more (set of both polishes).  I spent $105 (group-buy with a friend of mine who let me keep the GWP polishes), so I got both!  So far, I have only tried Dearly Beloved.  Dearly Beloved is a densely-packed mix of glitters in a clear base.  It contains red hearts and squares and a mix of tiny gold glitters and shimmer particles.  I did have to fish a bit for the hearts, but it wasn't a nightmare or anything.  The gold glitters/shimmers and red squares distributed easily across the nail with no clumping or bald spots.

Shown here is 1 coat of Dearly Beloved over one coat of Cult Nails Nevermore*.

Sorry there is only one photo, I had originally only intended to post this on Tumblr

I loved wearing Dearly Beloved.  I wish I could wear it again sooner, but I have too many untrieds to get through!  I'll just have to gaze adoringly at the bottle until next time :-p

Dearly Beloved is still available as a Gift With Purchase, but if you want it, you may need to act quickly.  You can buy Rainbow Honey products HERE.

*Nevermore is a beautiful one-coat black, but I can't really comment on its formula yet.  My bottle of it is always rather thick and fussy, so I contacted Cult Nails and was told that there is likely a defect in the bottle causing a poor seal and letting air into the polish.  I will soon be receiving a replacement, free of charge!  Cult Nails provides excellent customer service.  You can purchase Nevermore HERE.

All products purchased by me, or received as free gift with purchase

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A little note to my visitors...

Whoever has been looking at my blog today: I'm sorry I'm a dumbass and didn't have stuff like GFC enabled earlier!  I'm so accustomed to the simplicity of Tumblr that it never even occurred to me that I would have to add gadgets and such in order for people to easily follow me.  Many thanks to my buddy Royal Milk Tea* for helping me figure stuff out! I still don't entirely know what I'm doing, though, so if you could all just bear with me for a bit, that would be awesome lol.

*she blogs about nail polish, too, so go follow her!

Introduction+Indigo Bananas Rez

Alrighty!  Soooo...gonna give this whole Blogger thing a try.  I've been posting swatches on my Tumblr blog for  few months now, but I think a lot of people don't really "get" Tumblr, so I'm going to attempt to keep up with this version of my blog as well.

I'm a (nearly) 25-year-old girl who loves nail polish far too much.  I got into this mess a little under a year ago when I got engaged and didn't want anyone to catch sight of my ugly, peeled, and bitten nails when checking out my ring. I can proudly say that I haven't bitten/peeled my nails since then!

You might notice that my fingers look a little strange (bent, swollen, or deflated) sometimes...that's because I have primary lymphedema praecox in all four extremities.  Basically, my lymphatic system did not develop properly as I grew up, so I develop painful swelling in my limbs.  The swelling comes and goes, which really messes with my skin and joints.  Sometimes I do some strange photo cropping when I'm feeling insecure about my fingers.  Sorry about that!  I'm also sorry that my photos aren't crazy awesome...I'm in desperate need of a better camera.

Now, nail polish!

For my first post on here, I'll show you guys Indigo Bananas Rez.  Rez is a duochrome (shifts from purple to a blue/green/seafoam situation) and also contains silver, black, and purple glitters.  The formula was great, didn't have any trouble with application.  It did seem a bit slow to dry, but I use fast-dry topcoats, so that didn't really matter to me.  I used two coats of Indigo Bananas Rez and two coats of Seche Vite (which caused some shrinkage at the cuticles, whoopsie!)

head-on shot, mostly purple


Indigo Bananas can be found on Etsy.  Rez costs $10 for 15mL or $4.50 for 5mL.

Product received in a polish and candy exchange with the creator, who is a friend of mine.