Saturday, February 23, 2013

Camera Woes and Pretty & Polished

I have some fun nail art to show off, but my batteries died mid-shoot, my replacement batteries were all expired and dead, and I'm not super happy with the photos I got before the batteries died.  Oh, and I'm getting new batteries today, but it's rainy and dark.  Hopefully my nail art survives until I can take more photos!

So until I get that sorted out, here are some (terrible) photos that appeared on my Tumblr over the past few months, with new, expanded commentary!

Pretty & Polished Private School is a warm-toned grey crelly with small black and white hex glitters and tiny metallic red microglitters.  I believe I did 3 coats, but some may be content with just two.  Application was fine, though some nails ended up with significantly more glitter than others.  I ultimately ended up passing my bottle on to a friend of mine because it just didn't look right on my skin tone.  Sadly, Private School has been discontinued, but you can still find it on swap groups and blog sales from time to time.

Pretty & Polished Private School.  I had short, rounded nails back then!

Next up is Concoction.  Concoction is a red-toned, deep purple jelly with color-shifting flakes and holographic bits.  I think I used 4 coats, but 3 is probably fine.  It's a very unique polish!  Concoction is $9 for 15mL and can be purchased HERE.

Pretty & Polished Concoction

And now, Olgite!  Olgite is a stunning bright blue shimmer.  Again, I think I used 4 coats because I tend to overdo things.  Whoops.  It's incredibly shiny on its own and no top coat was used for these pics.  Olgite is $8.25 for 15mL and can be purchased HERE.  It's being discontinued, so if you want it, get it before it's gone!

Pretty & Polished Olgite in window-filtered sunlight 

Pretty & Polished Olgite under curio lightbulbs

Next, we have Slime Time.  Slime Time is an olive green jelly...that's pretty much all there is to say, heh.  I believe I did 4 coats here, with a jelly sandwich featuring Ninja polish Sticks n Stones on the accent nail.  As you can see, years of nail biting have given me disgustingly uneven smile lines!  Slime Time has been discontinued

Gross nails, I know.  Sorry!

Moving onward...Sidereal!  Sidereal is a black jelly full of blue flakies and glitters.  This was 3 coats.  It's a very pretty polish but sadly, it has been discontinued.  

I like to think I'm a bit better at taking pictures these days

Now, Steampunk!  Steampunk is a dark gray crelly with blue, pink, and black matte glitters and silver and yellow metallic glitters.  The largest black glitters were a bit tricky, but overall it applied nicely.  I used 3 coats.  Very unique and unusual polish! Sadly, Steampunk is discontinued.  

My middle finger nail is lumpy due to a tear repair not cooperating

Next up, Year One.  This was one of two limited edition polishes released for pretty & Polished's anniversary.  Year one features a blue base full of purple, blue, silver, and green glitters.  It's a bit more blue in person, the lighting made it look green.  I did three coats.  Year One is no longer available because it was a very limited edition.

My middle finger nail is lumpy due to a tear repair not cooperating

And finally, Save the Date!  Save the date is a glitter topper containing several sizes of translucent white hex glitter and iridescent glitters.  Gorgeous polish!  I did one coat of Save the Date over four coats of OPI What's With the Cattitude.  Unfortunately, Save the Date has been discontinued.

My middle finger nail is lumpy due to a tear repair not cooperating

I guess one of the most important things to take away from this post is that if you like a Pretty & Polished product, you shouldn't wait to buy it, since many get discontinued.  You can shop HERE and HERE and you can go HERE for the latest news on Pretty & Polished.  

Minis of Olgite, Slime Time, Sidereal, and Concoction were given to me.  I purchased the rest on my own.

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