Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Indigo Bananas-Anansi

Today we have Anansi, from Indigo Bananas' "Nothing Cannot Last" collection.  Anansi is an amazing emerald green/purple duochrome glassfleck.  Most of the time, it looks green, but it easily shifts to purple both indoors and outdoors.  It does not need to be layered over anything, but one coat is light enough that you could probably play with layering, if you're into that.  Application was lovely, no problems there.  Drying time wasn't particularly fast or slow, just average.

My camera gets a bit fussy when I'm trying to photograph polishes with a glass fleck finish, so please forgive how strange the closeup photos can look.  Anansi has a gorgeous, sparkly finish in real life.

Shown is 4-5 coats (plus top coat), but Anansi is opaque at 3 coats.  I had to add a couple of extra coats to get rid of some dents I made while fixing myself a bottle of water (d'oh!).

Check out that duochrome!

So pretty!

 Side view

 Anansi's green shift!

 Anansi's purple shift!

Anansi is $10 for 15mL and $4.50 for 5mL.  You can find the indigo Bananas Etsy shop HERE and you can "Like" Indigo Bananas on Facebook HERE.  Indigo Bananas also has a website, found HERE.

I received Anansi in a candy and polish exchange with the creator, who is a friend of mine.