Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Hands: Egg Hunt

I originally had a different post planned for today, but since Easter is coming up sooner than I thought it was, I figured I should start busting out the Easter polish!  Today we have a limited edition Easter polish from Happy Hands.

Happy Hands Egg Hunt beautifully captures the look of colored eggs in grass.  It's a glitter topper consisting of short, metallic, emerald green bar glitter, tiny metallic green hex glitter,  and metallic, multicolored circle glitter.  Like most glitter toppers, it dried quickly.  Unlike most glitter toppers, it had a surprisingly smooth finish, even before I applied top coat!  The consistency is on the thinner side, so you may find that the glitter tend to get pulled down to the bottom of the nail.  This is pretty easily remedied by using a lighter touch when painting.  It's not terribly dense, so you can build it up to whatever density you'd like.  Here, I've done one coat of Egg Hunt over 2 coats of a beautiful glass fleck from China Glaze called Running In Circles.

Those glitters toward the bottom are not red, they're just reflecting the color from my red sweater...whoops, lol

In harsh light from the setting sun.  Again, the seemingly red glitter is just pastel glitter reflecting the color of my sweater.  They're not actually red.


In case you're having trouble seeing the green glitter, here it is on a wheel

Cute, right?  I'm very happy with Egg Hunt, and I strongly suggest you check it out!

Egg Hunt costs $10 for 15mL.  It's a limited edition, so snatch it up before it disappears!  If you place your order today, Kristi will try her best to get it to you before Easter.  Happy Hands polishes can be purchased on Etsy HERE and on the Happy Hands website HERE.  You can stay up-to-date with all the latest Happy Hands news by Liking them on Facebook HERE.

Product purchased by me.