Monday, March 4, 2013

Jindie Nails-Guns n Roses

Hello, my lovely little bunch of followers :) .    I had a great birthday friend sent me a box of snacks and beauty products (including 2 Elevation polishes!), got lots of polish and nail art supplies from my fiance, and my future in-laws gave me a gift card to Ulta!  Oh, and my fiance won me a bottle of nail polish in a contest hosted by Painted Sabotage ("Greenie In A Bottle" should be available for purchase very soon).  So cool!

I apologize if this blog post and my next one don't have super great photos, I was a bit too absorbed in birthday festivities to care much about getting great pics lol.

Today, we have Jindie Nails Guns n Roses.  With the popularity of polishes like Candy Land and Princess Breath, Guns n Roses can kind of get lost in the crowd, but it's definitely worth checking out!  Guns n Roses features a mix of metallic and holo pink hex and circle glitters in a complex, shimmery, gunmetal base.  Formula was great!  I used 3 coats, but some may be able to get away with using only 2.

 Outdoors on a cloudy day

Inside, by a window

You can buy Jindie Nails polishes on Etsy, NinjaPolish, Llarowe, and MeiMei's Signatures.  Stay up-to-date on restocks and new colors on the Jindie Nails Facebook page!

PS-I will forever remember this polish as the polish I was wearing when I found someone in real life who knows what indies are!  My cashier at Ulta the other night asked to see my nails and when I told her what I was wearing and that it was an indie brand, she understood!  So exciting!

Jindie Nails Guns n Roses purchased by me

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