Saturday, March 30, 2013

Urban Decay Showboat Nail Kit: Showboat and Woodstock

Today we have two polishes that that are almost painfully neon.  I had the hardest time getting my camera to photograph them properly!  In some cases, it may look like the polishes are duochromes, but they're just neon cremes.  To be honest, my camera freaked out so badly that my photos are damn near useless...but they're kind of hilarious, so at least they've got that going for them.

Woodstock and Showboat are from Urban Decay's Showboat Nail Kit.  The Showboat Nail Kit features 5 brights and one black polish.  Each polish is essentially a mini, coming in at just 5mL.  I quite liked the brush, which spread out nice and wide!

Woodstock is a true, bright, neon pink.  I had some trouble photographing it due to how neon it is.  It's pretty sheer and takes 3-4 coats to reach full opacity.  It also wasn't very self-leveling, so I was rather disappointed in the formula.  Dry time was fast and it dried to a sort of semi-matte finish.  I used 4 coats and topped it off with Out the Door top coat.

In shade

In the sun

Next up is Urban Decay Showboat, which was even harder to get an accurate photo of.  Showboat is incredibly neon and my camera just couldn't handle it.  As far as my camera could tell, my fingers were on fire.  All I can do is describe it in words.  It's just an insanely bright neon orange.  It appears to be a true orange that doesn't lean red or yellow.   It's sheer and takes 3-4 coats to reach full opacity, so you may want to try layering it over white.  Showboat was less streaky and was better at leveling itself than Woodstock was.  Like Woodstock, dry time was fast and it dried to an almost semi-matte finish.  I used 4 coats and topped it off with Out the Door top coat.

It's just one color in real life.  My camera seemed to think I was on fire >.<

MY NAILS ARE MADE OF LAVA!  Again, my camera freaked out.

My attempt at adjusting the color.  It's still brighter and lighter than this.

I'm hoping to have the other 4 shades in the kit swatched soon.  Easter is kind of interrupting things.

The Showboat Nail kit normally sells for $28, but Urban Decay has marked the price down to $12.  The $12 price tag makes much more sense, considering how small the polishes are!  You can buy the Showboat Nail Kit HERE and you can stay up-to-date on Urban Decay news by Liking them on Facebook HERE.

Product purchased by me.  

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