Thursday, May 2, 2013

Brand Spotlight: NailNation 3000! Swatches, Reviews, and Nail Art!

Hello, lovely followers!  There are a lot more of you than there were the last time I posted, so thank you all so much for your support!  As I'm sure you've all noticed from my previous posts, I usually only focus on one polish at a time.  Today, I'm doing something a little different...something I've been wanting to do for a while, and hope to do more of in the future:  a brand spotlight!

My goal with these brand spotlight posts is to highlight the work of one brand at a time by swatching and reviewing a number of their polishes and tying it all together with a bit of nail art at the end.  You guys get a better feel for the brand, and I get to burn through a bunch of untrieds!  Win-win!

For my first brand spotlight post, I'd like to showcase the work of NailNation 3000.  NailNation 3000 is run by Maria, a licensed manicurist who shows her passion for nails through her polish line and her YouTube tutorials.  Her polishes are very diverse, but she is probably best known for her gorgeous holos, such as the amazing Glow Worm.

Glow Worm is a bright, neon lime green polish with a linear holographic effect.  It's not as neon as, say, China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard, but it's still pretty damn bright!  The holographic effect is very strong and can be seen in almost any lighting.  As stated in the description for Glow Worm, you may encounter a few dark green specks while painting (especially during your first coat).  Maria says these should disappear when you do additional coats, and for the most part, they do.  I still saw a speck or two after my second coat, but they didn't bother me.  The formula was good, but it's a little on the thick side (likely due to all that amazing holographic pigment!), so you may want to add thinner and be careful to do one thin, even coat at a time.  Dry time was fast.  I was able to get away with doing just two coats, but some people may prefer three coats.

One more important thing to note about Glow Worm is that it's a limited edition and may not be around for much longer, so if you want it, get it now!

Gorgeous linear holo!  It's even stronger in person!

In bright sun

This was one of the few instances in which the holographic effect wasn't really visible.
Here, you can see the base color and one of those dark green specks I was telling you about (on my middle finger).

Now that you've seen my current favorite NailNation 3000 polish, I'd like to show off some old favorites, too!  These polishes are discontinued, but if you fall in love with any of them, Maria says you can contact her and she'll check and see if she has any left to sell to you.  Nice, right?!

Naughty or Nice is a silver holographic polish filled with metallic red microglitter.  The holographic effect in this one was nice and strong!  The formula was fine and dry time was average.  Shown is two coats.  

Fierce is a red jelly filled with metallic red microglitter and holographic pigment.  The holographic effect is linear, though it's a bit on the shy and weak side.  I had a very hard time getting the holographic effect to show up in photos, but trust me, you can see it in person!  The formula was great and dry time was average.  It was fully opaque in person, but appears a bit sheer in the photos.  I used two coats.  

If you want to see the holographic effect in these two polishes better, check out the wheel swatch towards the bottom of the post!

In sun.  Naughty or Nice is on the left, Fierce is on the right

Inside, to show base color

Lunar Eclipse is a moody navy blue filled with metallic blue microglitter, tiny matte white square glitter, and holographic pigment.  A linear holographic effect can be seen in the bottle, but on the nail, the glitter sort of interrupts the effect and causes it to look a bit weak and scattered.  The glitter also causes the polish to have a bit of a rough and bumpy finish, which I actually kind of like.  I think it looks like the surface of a planet!  The formula was fine and dry time was average.  I used two coats.  

Wicked Games is a lovely candy apple red shimmer polish with a sort of jelly-like finish.  The formula was fine and the dry time was average.  I know it looks like I didn't use enough coats, but it was fully opaque in person.  I used two coats.

In bright sun.  Lunar Eclipse is on the left, Wicked Games is on the right.

In indirect light, by a window.  Lunar Eclipse is on the left, Wicked Games is on the right.

With the exception of the mini-sized Wicked Games, all of these polishes came packaged in the short, cylindrical bottles seen at the top of this post.  The brushes are full and awesome.  If you have trouble holding the silver cap, it can be pulled off to reveal a "normal" black cap!

NailNation 3000 polishes generally cost around $13 for 10mL, but select shades will soon be available in a 15mL, non-cylindrical bottle size (price has not been announced yet).  The largest selection of colors is currently available on the NailNation 3000 website.  A smaller selection of colors is available at Llarowe.  You can find the latest NailNation 3000 news on the brand's Facebook page.  

Now for the nail art!  Since Lunar Eclipse got me thinking about space and planets, and Glow Worm is such a fabulous green, I thought I'd show off some little green men!  I like to think that these were the aliens manning the ship featured in my UFO nail art :-) .  Unfortunately, Lunar Eclipse lost its lumpy look when I used it in the nail art (I'm blaming the Seche Vite for that!), but I think holographic aliens living on a smooth, holographic planet is still pretty cool!  For more pictures, information on the polishes, and the process used to create this nail art please go HERE.  

Major Seche Vite shrinkage, I know.  I started right at the cuticle, 
but my efforts were no match for the two coats of Seche Vite this mani required!

I'd also like to take a moment to bring some attention to an item that was a big help to me when working on this post:  the humble nail wheel!

From left to right, the swatches are of Wicked Games, Fierce, 
Naughty or Nice, Lunar Eclipse, and Glow Worm

As you can see from what's painted on the nail wheel in the above photo, I used it to help me figure out which of my NailNation 3000 polishes I liked best, and to do a rough draft of the alien nail art.  I use the Beauty Secrets Nail Polish & Art Wheel sold at Sally Beauty Supply (10 wheels for $6).  Each wheel features 18 semi-opaque white "nails."  They're very easy to paint on and they really come in handy for practicing nail art, trying out different layering combos, or simply just checking to see if a shade will look good on you.  While they're sufficient for my use, they're not terribly durable and therefore may not suit the needs of every polish fanatic.  The "nails" easily bend away from the wheel and sometimes snap off.  Despite this flaw, I love these things and can't live without them!

WHEW!  This turned out to be a monster of a post!  So what do you think, folks?  Would you like to see more of these "Brand Spotlight" posts in the future?  Future brand spotlights will likely be shorter than this one...I just couldn't stop myself lol.  

All products purchased by me


  1. I would love to see more of these brand spotlight posts! Its great. Lovely swatches from NailNation 3000 too :)

    1. Thanks for your input! I've been meaning to do this for ages and only got around to it now. I kept looking at my stash list and thinking "I only have a handful of NailNation 3000 polishes, I could totally swatch them all at once," but I never went through with it until this week!

  2. Naughty or Nice is gorgeous! I like posts like these. Would to see more like this.

    1. Yeah, that was probably my second favorite! Thanks for your input!

  3. I absolutely love tha spring green holo! Such a lovely shade on you, too. And your alien art is awesome :) I love everything about that mani.

    1. Thanks so much, Liesl! I feel like a good portion of my collection is on the dark/jewel-tone/moody side of things, so every time I wear something bright, I'm like "Oooh, this is my favorite thing ever! Why don't I buy more polish like this?" lol.

  4. More brand spotlights!! That alien nail is uber cute!

    1. Thanks for the input and the compliment! Both are greatly appreciated :-D

  5. Tumblr follower here! :) I like the brand spotlight idea!

  6. That's such a beautiful green holo, great color! Your little green men came out perfectly, too; awesome job. :D

    Brand spotlights are excellent! Especially when you're trying to choose which colors to get. ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I'll definitely be doing brand spotlights in the future :-)