Thursday, May 30, 2013

HARE: Rococo Grandeur

Hoo boy, this is going to be a rough post.  I want to love HARE.  I really do.  I think they have beautiful color combinations, and I think their look is very unique.

But I fear their batch consistency and quality control are both pretty much nonexistent.

The subject of HARE polish recently came up on a forum I belong to, and this is what three people had to say about Rococo Grandeur:
  1. That it was awful
  2. That it was fine
  3. That it was fine, but there was a human hair in the bottle (insert HAIR Polish joke here >.< )
Quite the variety there, eh?  Unfortunately, my bottle of Rococo Grandeur was also one of the bad ones.

Rococo Grandeur features a pale blue crelly base filled with a mix of small metallic gold hex glitter, multiple sizes of  satin and metallic pink hex and square glitters, and blue shimmer.  It is truly a gorgeous combination of colors.  Sadly, it had the consistency of oatmeal, yet you could also form peaks with it, as if it were meringue.  It was incredibly hard to work with, even after adding some thinner to it.  Dry time was average.  Shown is....well...It was technically 2 coats, but I had to fiddle with each coat so much that it may be more like 3 or 4 coats.

Thanks to the miracle of Seche Vite, the polish still looked pretty nice despite all the trouble I had applying it.  That is, from a distance.  In these close-up shots, you can see that there are some bubbles and lumps.

Apologies for the window glare, had to take these pics inside due to light rain

This is not my first bad experience with HARE.  A few of my other polishes from this brand have issues with being too thick.  Some are okay, but at least half of the polishes I've tried have had issues with consistency.  I really hope that the quality control over at HARE Polish improves.  Their colors are so unique and beautiful, it's a shame that this is happening.

HARE Polish costs$10 for 15mL.  You can buy it from HARE's Etsy shop or from Llarowe.   You can stay up-to-date on HARE Polish news by Liking the brand on Facebook.  

What has your experience with HARE been like?

Product purchased by me


  1. Pretty color but sucks to hear that their quality isn't consistent.

    1. Yeah, I feel so bad doing a negative review, but it was just awful :(

  2. Yeahhhh, this formula was awful. I would recommend to other people trying only 1-2 coats over a similarly colored base so you don't have to build up the formula and deal with the gloppiness. I'd do it myself, but I have so many untrieds, I really can't bother retrying a difficult polish.

    1. Yeah, it may be years before I ever get around to using this polish again lol.