Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jamberry Nails: My First Attempt At Nail Wraps

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Okie dokie, so...Jamberry Nails.  I have never tried any kind of nail wrap, so when Jamberry Nails consultant Ashley Ray offered to send out some free samples, I figured it would be a good opportunity to give it a try.  Ashley sent me a little sheet with four nail wraps on it.  Each was a different size and had a different pattern on it.  I chose a cheery pattern called Summer Chevron and used it as an accent nail in my OPI Taylor Blue manicure.

Prior to applying the wraps, I watched some very helpful videos on Jamberry's website.  I then used alcohol prep pads to clean my nails, peeled back half a wrap with an orange wood stick, cut the wrap in half, and held it in front of a running hair dryer.  When it appeared soft and pliable, I applied it to my nail (starting at the cuticle) and smoothed it over my nail using my fingers and a cuticle pusher. I was able to eliminate some of the wrinkles by smoothing them out again in front of the running hair dryer.  Unfortunately, I was not able to remove all of the wrinkles.  I gave up on wrinkle removal and moved on to the trimming and filing step to finish the manicure.  

Close-up of the wrinkles at the edges of the wrap.  I'm sure you can tell that the nail is all wonky.  This nail curves inward on one side if it gets dry.  The alcohol wipe and the heat used in the wrap application dried it out and made it curve.  

Wrinkles aside, the wraps adhered very well and when properly applied, I'm sure they would stay put for quite some time.  I only kept them on for a day, so I just used the wrinkles to help me get started on peeling the wraps off under warm water.  One nail came off cleanly, but there was some sticky residue left over on the other (the residue was easily removed with non-acetone polish remover).  The wraps did not damage my natural nails at all.

I have heard lots of good things about these wraps, so I'm guessing that in more competent hands, they must work quite well!  This was my first time ever applying wraps of any kind, so I'm not accustomed to the process.

Personally, I think I prefer nail polish to wraps.  However, I could potentially see myself trying the whole wrap thing out again if I found a pattern that I was obsessed with and could not duplicate with nail art.

You can purchase Jamberry Nails products either from the Jamberry Nails website or from a Jamberry Nails consultant.  Each set costs $15 and contains 18 wrap strips (2 sets of 9 sizes, plus each wrap can be cut in half and used for 2 nails).  You can stay up-to-date on Jamberry Nails news by Liking their Facebook page.

Here is the contact info for Ashley, the Jamberry Nails consultant who kindly provided me with the samples:

Facebook Page
Jamberry Nails Store

OPI Taylor Blue costs $10 for 15mL and can be purchased HERE.

Jamberry Nails provided for review.  OPI Taylor Blue purchased by me.


  1. It looks like such a pretty nail wrap but I agree too that I would prefer real polish instead.

    1. Yupyup. Something like this is more of a novelty for me.

  2. I tried jamberry too and while iliked the texture/feel of them I was not a fan. Maybe I tookit off wrong but it did ruin my nail when I pulled one off and the thickness made it harder to get out wrinkles and file to shape. I would recommend nailrock to jamberry.

    1. Yikes! My nail was fine afterward, thank goodness, but I don't think wraps are really my thing. I've never heard of Nailrock!

  3. Your acrylics are extremely misshapen no wonder you had issues