Monday, June 24, 2013

Quick and Dirty "Animal Crossing"-Inspired Nail Art: Fossil Accent Nails

Hey guys!  Super quick post today because I had a very busy weekend!

Recently, my favorite nail thread was derailed by talk of the latest addition to the "Animal Crossing" video game franchise.  I don't play these games, but a lot of my nail friends do, so I thought it would be fun to do a little nail art for them!  Someone mentioned fossils, so I Googled "animal crossing fossils" and discovered that they have a pretty simple design.  Here is what a fossil looks like in the games:

Image found in Google Image Search

And here is what I did for the manicure:

I know it's not quite up to my usual standards as far as neatness goes, but this is just something I did quickly for fun :-)

Colors used:

Background:  China Glaze Blue Year's Eve
Fossil:  China Glaze Snow

How it was done:

Swirl-I just kind of blobbed it on using a medium-sized nail art brush.  It was easier to load the brush up and just pull the polish around, rather than trying to apply pressure and make a defined shape.

Dot-I just loaded up a nail art brush and dotted it on, but you could use a dotting tool.

Star-I used a tiny nail art brush to carefully draw it on the way we all drew stars back in elementary school!  Then I filled in the gaps.  In case you've never drawn a star, here is a messy tutorial!

Easy, right?  I really should try to play these games, they look very cute!

Products purchased by me.  I am not affiliated with Animal Crossing.


  1. Its very cute! Never played Animal Crossing but it seems like something my sister will love, haha.