Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Indigo Bananas: Alcatraz

Hey, guys!  As you can tell, I took a long holiday weekend off from blogging!  This heat, man, it just makes you want to lay around and do nothing.  Taking swatch photos outside has become a rather uncomfortable experience...not just because of the heat, but because I caught my neighbors whispering to each other while pointing at me >.<

Oh well, the discomfort was worth it because I got to see this beautiful holo in the sunlight!

Indigo Bananas Alcatraz is part of the brand's Executive Holos collection.  It's sort of the color of a moody sea...kind of seafoam, kind of teal, but muted.  It also has a subtle purple shimmer, which I couldn't really catch on camera.  And, of course, it's holographic!  The holo in this polish is of the linear variety, though it's a bit soft around the edges.  The formula was excellent, though because this polish dries fast (as most holos do), you'll want to work quickly and smoothly to avoid any brushstrokes or unevenness.  I was satisfied with 2 coats, though Indigo Bananas suggests using 3 coats.

In sun

In shade, so you can kind of see how it looks on the rare occasion that the holo isn't visible

So pretty!  I tend to love anything that resembles the sea, though :-).  What do you think?

Indigo Bananas' Executive Holos sell for for $7.25 for 8mL or $12 for 15mL.  They are sold in the Indigo Bananas Etsy shop.  To stay up-to-date on the latest Indigo Bananas news, Like their Facebook page.

Product purchased by me