Monday, July 22, 2013

Liquid Lacquer: Bubble Up!

Hey, folks!  I've got another polish from Liquid Lacquer for you today!

Liquid Lacquer Bubble Up! is a clear base glitter topper featuring blue/purple iridescent glitter, green/yellow iridescent microglitter, and pale pink circle and hexagonal glitters.  You could totally play up the whole ethereal/girly vibe by layering it over pale colors, but I decided to go a more fun and funky route, so I layered one coat of Bubble Up! over three coats of China Glaze Creative Fantasy.  The iridescent glitter looks like pure blue glitter over the dark purple, but trust me, it's iridescent!  The formula is nice and the somewhat thick base allows the larger glitters to stay suspended and evenly distributed throughout the polish.  Dry time was average.

In sun

In shade

I'll have another Liquid Lacquer polish plus a giveaway featuring Liquid Lacquer polishes on Wednesday!  Just be aware that the post may go up later in the day than usual...I'm celebrating my 6th anniversary with my fiance this week, so my schedule is a little out of whack!

Liquid Lacquer polishes can be purchased at Liquid Lacquer's online store.  To stay up-to-date on Liquid Lacquer news, colors, and sales, Like their Facebook page!

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