Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pretty & Polished: A Random Pink Custom

After the craziness of last week, I've mostly just been relaxing with my fiance, so I just have a quick little swatch for you guys today!

Last November, Pretty & Polished had a promotion in which the first few people to place an order on Black Friday received a free, unreleased mystery polish.  I was one of the people who made their purchase in time, so I got a freebie!  Unfortunately, my package got lost in the mail*** and since there were no more special freebies, P&P had to come up with another special polish to send me!  I received this unnamed pink polish.  It's a hot pink jelly with pink shimmer, small white hex glitter, and large black circle glitter.  It is spectacularly ridiculous, far from chic, but very fun!  The formula on this wasn't the best, due to the the circle glitter sinking (I had to shake the bottle between nails and then fish them out).  Dry time was fast.  I used three coats.

In sun...pardon the Seche Vite shrinkage!

In shade

As far as I know, there is no way to purchase this polish.  You can stay up-to-date with Pretty & Polished by Liking their Facebook page.

**That missing package eventually turned up about 4 months later, so I ended up with two special freebie polishes, haha!  Hopefully, I'll remember to swatch the other one soon :-)

Product was a gift with purchase


  1. Really cool polish! :) So awesome that its one of a kind too.

  2. This is adorable. It looks like Minnie Mouse's purse or something.