Monday, July 1, 2013

Rainbow Honey: The Kraken

Hey guys!  Sorry for being quiet lately, I've been having some "bad nail days"...swatches I wasn't thrilled with, nail art that frustrated me, etc.  I'm not entirely happy with the swatches I'm posting today, actually, but I wanted to post something, so, on we go!

Rainbow Honey's The Kraken (Summer of 199X collection) features a rich, blue-leaning teal jelly base packed with a complex mix of shimmer and glitter, including some awesome gold holographic glitter.  The base color and shimmer kind of reminds me of Zoya Charla!  The formula was nice and easy to control, though I did go a bit "outside the lines" because I was having trouble with my hands that day.  As you can tell, clean-up was a bit difficult and the blue color got stuck in my cuticle area.  I was satisfied with the opacity after just one thick coat.   I was afraid it would stain, but it did not.  Dry time was average.

I got a 4mL mini bottle, and I have to say, the new 4mL bottles are so much better than Rainbow Honey's old mini bottles!  You can actually reach all the way down into the bottle now!  The only thing I dislike about the new minis is that they only seem to have about 4-5 manis worth of polish in them.

In sun, pulling a bit green

In cloudy weather, pulling a bit blue

It really has that "under the sea" kind of vibe to it!  I like it a lot!

Rainbow Honey polishes cost $10 for 15mL.  Minis of polishes found in the Summer of 199X collection are currently only available in sets ($20 for a set of 5, $40 for the full set of 10).  Rainbow Honey polishes can be purchased at Rainbow Honey's online store and from retailers around the world.  You can stay up-to-date on the latest Rainbow Honey news by Liking their Facebook page.    

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  1. Agree that this color is very under the sea! Its great :)

  2. Definitely a mermaid polish! And your swatches look just fine to me.