Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Elevation Polish Geo Duo: Dykh-Tau and Dzhangi-Tau

Hey guys!  There's an Elevation Polish restock tonight, so I figured I'd swatch the Geo Duo!  These polishes will only be available tonight and at the September 7th restock, so if you want them, grab them!

Dykh-Tau is sort of a VERY blue-leaning mint with a bit of a "dusty sage" vibe to it.  It contains holographic pigment, but the holo effect is a faint shimmer, not a linear rainbow.  It was slightly on the thick side, but not bad.  I used two coats, though it may need three coats if you thin it and do thin coats. Dry time was average.

Dzhangi-Tau is a clear-base glitter topper featuring a few sizes of white hex glitter, two sizes of aqua circle glitter, and bright blue shimmer.  I really wish the aqua circles weren't so sparse, because I love them!  I did a little experiment and decided to fish for the circles when painting my left hand, and not fish when painting my right hand.  I got one large circle on each nail on the left hand, and no large circles at all on the right hand.  I know the circles are intended to be sparse, but I personally would have preferred to see more of them!  Thankfully, I love white glitter and the blue shimmer was gorgeous, so I didn't miss the circles too much.  The formula on this was on the thinner side, so the glitter was very easy to spread.  Dry time was fast.  Shown is one coat of Dzanghi-Tau over two coats of Dykh-Tau.

The blue shimmer is more prominent in real life!

I really liked this duo!  It has sort of a calm, airy feel to it...very nice.

The Geo Duo costs $21 for two 15mL bottles of polish.  It will only be available tonight (9pm Central) and September 7th on Elevation Polish's online store, so grab it while you can!  To stay up-to-date on the latest Elevation Polish news, keep an eye on the brand's blog!

Product purchased by me