Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nail Art: The MTV Logo+Vote for Taylor!

Please Note:  If you have a problem with Taylor Swift, I ask that you keep your feelings to yourself and that you just focus on the techniques used in the nail art.  Thanks!

Hey guys!  I know a lot of you are going to think I'm kind of a dork for doing this nail art, but my fellow Taylor Swift fans have been doing some cute things to get people excited to vote for Taylor, and I wanted to join the fun!

What is Taylor eligible to win?  Two MTV Video Music Awards!  Her video for "I Knew You Were Trouble" could win Best Female Video and/or Video of the Year!

I'm sure you're getting flashbacks to the infamous Kanye West microphone-grabbing incident, but don't worry:

So, yeah, I really want Taylor to win, and I decided to show my support through nail art:

I feel like that MTV logo is my masterpiece, haha

Products used:

Background:Rainbow Honey Mint Flavor
M-Rainbow Honey Apple Kid and Rainbow Honey Tessie
TV-China Glaze Snow
Outlines and text-Orly Liquid Vinyl

Brush used:  10/0 American Painter 4650 Spotter

I've created a little step-by-step guide for the MTV logo!  Clearly, I found it easier to paint it on my nails than to draw it in Photoshop lol.  Please excuse the wonky diagram!

1.  Outline "M"
2.  Add 3-D effect
3.  Color in "M"
4.  Color in 3-D effect
5.  Paint "TV"

For tips on lettering, please see this other post HERE.

To vote for Taylor to win Best Female Video, go HERE, and to vote for her to win Video of the Year, go HERE.  Voting is unlimited, so vote as much as you'd like!

Rainbow Honey polishes cost $10 for 15mL and can be purchased at Rainbow Honey's online store.  China Glaze polishes cost about $6 and can be found at stores such as Ulta and Sally Beauty.  Orly polishes cost around $7 and can also be found at Ulta and Sally Beauty.

All products purchased by me.  I am not associated with Taylor Swift/MTV/the VMAs/etc.


  1. Those are gorgeous! I loooooove the colors you used and as always I'm jealous of how flawless your text is! Look at that MTV logo! Beautiful!

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