Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's September

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to give you all a heads-up regarding what's going to be happening on the blog this month.  As you can see, there has been a small makeover as far as the blog's color scheme goes!  The Sparkling Hoard is going GOLD for childhood cancer awareness month.  The first post for this month was supposed to be a really big post with nail art and giveaway details, but it's going to be delayed for a couple of days.  It's probably for the best, anyway, since I know a lot of people are away on vacation right now.

This month, I will be doing two giveaways.  However, the way you enter is going to be a bit different, so I figured I would give everyone a heads-up so you will all have time to prepare.  You are going to have to provide proof (screen shot of your receipt) of having donated to each giveaway's designated charity in order to enter.

  • For the first giveaway (international entries welcome), the prize will be a special polish from Indigo Bananas, and you will have to donate to the Ronan Thompson Foundation in order to enter.  This giveaway will run during the first half of the month.  Details to follow, please do not send me your entry proof yet.

  • For the second giveaway (US-only), the prize will be a bottle of Enchanted Polish "A Little Fishy Told Me," and you will have to donate to BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation in order to enter.  This giveaway will run during the second half of the month.  Details to follow, please do not send me your entry proof yet.

So if you have the money now and you choose to make your donations ahead of time, just make sure you keep your e-mail receipts until the giveaways open!  

If you are unable to participate in the giveaways, but you still want to make a difference in the life of a child with cancer, please consider sending a gift, letter, or card to 10-year-old Jayson Brown.  Jayson's battle with Neuroblastoma is coming to an end and his family has been told that he has very little time left (so please, if you want to send him something, do so now).  While Jayson is very much aware of what is happening to him, please do NOT mention death or dying if you send something to him.  He loves getting mail, and his family wants all the cards and gifts to be happy and uplifting.  Send all mail to:

Jayson Brown
Care of: Victor Valley News
PO Box 2160 
Victorville, CA 

I think that's about all I needed to say for now.  Please spread the word that September is childhood cancer awareness month!  The Facebook page for the Ronan Thompson Foundation has some excellent info and suggestions for how you can spread awareness and make a difference, so be sure to check them out if you're looking for ways to help!.

I am not affiliated with the Ronan Thompson Foundation, BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation, or Jayson Brown.  

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