Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Ronan" Nail Art: The Details

Hey guys!  I mentioned this manicure briefly in my main post regarding The Ronan Thompson Foundation, but I wanted to devote an additional post to it so I could try to explain how I did it, what colors I used, etc.

As stated in the previous post, the nail art was inspired by the song "Ronan" by Taylor Swift:

Video from YouTube user Kirk Kelly
Ronan is available for purchase here (US-only) or here (international)

And this was my nail art based on the song:

I remember your bare feet down the hallway
I remember your little laugh
race cars on the kitchen floor, plastic dinosaurs
I love you to the moon and back

Thumb (ronan)

Oh, the thumb, my pride and joy.  I did not think I could pull off hand-painting a serif font, but I'm pretty sure I pulled it off!  A lot of the same tips for print writing apply here as well, though it is significantly more difficult and detailed.  Here are some extra tips:
  • Frequently consult your source image/text.  This was my source image:

  • Do the serifs (those little "flags" and "feet" on the letters) first.
  • For very fine lines, touch your brush to the nail very lightly, and press more firmly if the line widens on a curve.
  • If the same letter is used twice (like the letter "n" in this piece), try your best to make the letters look identical to each other.  This really helps it look like perfect, typed lettering.  
Index (footprints)

These were super cute and easy to do!  If you do a Google Image Search for "footprints," a lot of very simple designs will come up.  Just pick the one you like best and copy it!  I used a brush to dot on the toes, but you could use a dotting tool instead.

Middle (race car)

For the car, I did a silhouette of the car in black, let it dry, and then colored in the red on top of it.  This gives you the illusion of outlining without having to go through the painstaking process of actually outlining the image. After the red layer dried, I added the windows, wheels, and hubcaps.

Ring (plastic dinosaur)

The dinosaur was actually the last thing I did for this mani, so I was pretty tired by the time I got to this finger.  It was originally supposed to be a brachiosaurus, but halfway through the dinosaur, I decided that legs would be too tricky, so I made him a plesiosaur and gave him flippers instead!  I did the dinosaur the same way I did the race car (black silhouette, then filled in with color to make him look as if he had been outlined).

Pinky (moon and stars)

This was done using the same method used for the race car and the dinosaur!  Do it in black, then color it in.  For the stars, I just did little "x"shapes.

Colors Used
  • Purple (background)-OPI Planks A Lot!
  • Black (footprints, outlining, windows, wheels, eyes)-Cult Nails Nevermore
  • White (moon, lettering)-China Glaze Snow
  • Golden yellow (awareness ribbon)-mix of Zoya Creamy and Zoya Arizona
  • Red (race car)-mix of Butter London Pillar Box Red and Zoya Elisa
  • Green (dinosaur)-mix of OPI Hot Fun in the Summerlime, Zoya Robyn, China Glaze Shower Together, China Glaze Sexy In the City, Cina Glaze Snow, and OPI I Saw...You Saw..We Saw...Warsaw
  • Silver (stars and hubcaps)-China Glaze Icicle
Brushes Used

10/0 American Painter 4650 Spotter
Princeton Select Petite Spotter Petite 3750MSP-20/0 (cut down to be even finer)

I think that's it!  Feel free to leave questions or comments!  Also, please donate to The Ronan Thompson Foundation and follow the instructions for entering the giveaway!  You could win a very special polish from Indigo Bananas!

Indigo Bananas "For Ronan"
Photos by Indigo Bananas.  Please note that the swatch photo
is more color-accurate than the bottle photo.

I am not affiliated with The Ronan Thompson Foundation.  I am not affiliated with Taylor Swift.  All products used in nail art purchased by me.  Giveaway prize donated by Indigo Bananas.