Monday, October 21, 2013

Indigo Bananas: Moonlight (clair de lune) and Enchanté

Hey folks!  I've got a couple of Fall/Halloween polishes from one of my favorite brands for you today! I hope you'll like these new additions to the Indigo Bananas lineup as much as I did!

Moonlight (clair de lune) features real silver flakes and black, purple, and holographic microglitters in a clear base.  The glitter adds a bit of extra sparkle in the sun and the silver flake shines like chrome both indoors and outdoors!  The formula was good, though you'll want to apply this polish gently.  If you press too hard, you won't leave any flakes behind as you swipe the brush across your nail.  Dry time is fast and full opacity is achieved in three coats.

In bright sun.  You can kind of see some colors being thrown off by the holographic glitter in this pic.

In a more shaded area

Enchanté features a bright red jelly base filled with black glitter and blue glow-in-the dark pigment.  I didn't think I would like this one that much, but the color of the red jelly is so gorgeous that I quickly fell in love!  The formula on this one is great.  The glitter and the glow-in-the dark pigment both seem well-suspended, though I personally like to shake glow-in-the-dark polishes between coats just in case (glow pigments are heavy).  The first layer goes on very sheer, but you will achieve full opacity within three coats.  Dry time is fast.  The purpley-blue glow effect on this isn't the strongest, but it's definitely visible and super cool (be sure to "charge" your nails near a light source in order to get a glow).  Sadly, while the glow was visible in person, my camera could not capture the glow, and Indigo Bananas had some trouble catching it as well (though you can see a glow pic in the Etsy listing).

Indigo Bananas polishes cost $10-$12 for 15mL or $6.25-$7.25 for 8 mL.  You can find the Indigo Bananas Etsy shop HERE and you can "Like" Indigo Bananas on Facebook HERE.  Indigo Bananas also has a website, found HERE.

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