Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Indigo Bananas: Hot Ice Creams for Cold Days

There is a lot that goes through my mind while experimenting with my new camera.  Most of it is positive, but since I'm still learning, I also have moments of frustration.  The overwhelming majority of my thoughts while photographing this polish were:

"Why is it purple"

"Wait, what setting is this?"

"Still purple"


Once I uploaded the photos, I realized that they didn't look as bad as I'd feared.  The display screen on my camera seems to make things look a little "off."  I also think my camera may have  been extra sensitive to the violet shimmer found in this polish.  Sooooo just keep in mind that this polish isn't quite as purple as some of the pictures would lead you to believe, mmmkay?

Indigo Bananas Hot Ice Creams for Cold Days is a bright pink linear holo with violet color shifting shimmer, pink metallic glitter, and holographic blue glitter mixed in.  It's pretty much a party in a bottle and I can hardly stand how bright and happy this polish is!  I spent a good chunk of the day just admiring my nails.  The holographic effect is very strong and the glitters add a unique twist.  The formula is very good and full opacity is reached in 2-3 coats.  It's better to do 3 thin coats because thin coats produce a stronger holographic effect.  This polish does come with a stain warning, but I did not experience any staining.

In sun, camera picking up a bit too much violet shimmer

In semi-shade.  Again, camera picked up on the violet shimmer a bit too much

Indoors, with flash

This photo is from my new Instagram page!  Taken indoors by a window using iPod Touch camera

Hot Ice Creams for Cold Days costs $12 for 15mL or  $7.25 for an 8mL mini and can be purchased from Indigo Bananas' Etsy shop.  For the latest news on Indigo Bananas, be sure to check out the brand's Facebook page!

Bonus pic:  this little male Downy Woodpecker came to visit while I was taking photos :3

Product purchased by me


  1. Pretty holo shade! Love the glitter in it too :)

  2. This is like a pink bday party with the holo rainbow and cake! I don't really love pink, but definitely need to get some of this brand!!

    1. Yeah, it reminds me of like, a Barbie birthday party or something, it's awesome lol.