Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pretty Serious Cosmetics: Rae's Rainbow

Hey folks!  I've spent the past few days taking swatch pics (except for yesterday, which was spent curled up in bed trying to deal with horrific jaw pain, ugh), so hopefully I can get back into the swing of things with blogging.  Today's polish was one of my favorites from my swatch fest!

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Rae's Rainbow features multicolored hex glitter and blue microglitter in a medium blue jelly base.  It's absolutely gorgeous, but did not photograph well in the lighting options I had available to me, so you're not even seeing the full extent of its beauty here.  I kind of want a backup bottle!  I had no issues with the formula, though dry time was a bit slow.  I used two coats

By a window

In shade

In sun.  For some reason, this polish does not photograph well in sunny conditions.

Pretty Serious polishes cost $9.95 for 11mL and can be purchased from the brand's website or from a number of stockists.  $5 from the sale of each bottle of Rae's Rainbow goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.  Pretty Serious will not be restocking it further after this month, so grab it while you can!  To stay up to date with the latest Pretty Serious news, be sure to Like their Facebook page!

Product purchased by me

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