Friday, April 25, 2014

Divergent 7-Piece Nail Art Kit Review

I'm just going to come right out and say that I do not recommend this kit.  Even if you like Divergent and just want to own Divergent nail stuff, just...don't buy it.  If you still want to see swatches and such anyway, continue reading!

At first glance, the kit looks promising.  The box design is super cool and the Nail Water-Transfer Tattoos look like they could be fun.


The polishes

Nail Water-Transfer Tattoos

The fun stops once you actually try to use any of it.  I swatched these on three fingers because the bottles are tiny (0.285 oz).  They are all streaky, prone to bubbling, and the solid colors take 2-3 coats to reach full opacity.

Neutral Lace is just a beige nude creme.

Violet Abnegation is a slightly violet-toned dark gray creme

Midnight Calm is technically a very dark blue but it appears black.

Divergent Neutral Lace

Divergent Violet Abnegation

Divergent Midnight Calm

And now, the special effect toppers.  All are one coat shown without top coat because I just wanted to do a quickie swatch.

Opal Compassion is a shifty taupe/purple shimmer.  Very streaky.

True Pearl is an ocean green shimmer.  This one is also quite streaky and requires either two coats or one very thick coat to look okay.

Evolve features tiny pink and green glassfleck sparks in a clear base.  It's pretty, but subtle.

L-R Opal Compassion, True Pearl, and Evolve over Neutral Lace

L-R Opal Compassion, True Pearl, and Evolve over Violet Abnegation

L-R Opal Compassion, True Pearl, and Evolve over Midnight Calm

The Nail Water-Transfer Tattoos sucked.  The instructions make it look easy (you apply it the same way that you would apply a temporary tattoo to your skin), but it's very hard to transfer a design that covers your entire nail, especially when the tattoo is super thin and disintegrates at the slightest touch.  You also have to apply the tattoo over a nude or light-colored polish because they are see-through.  


I didn't even bother taking a nice photo of this mess.  I just used my iPod.  This was actually my second attempt at using the tattoos.  No matter how careful I was, the tattoo would wrinkle, tear, and/or disintegrate.


If for some strange reason you still want to buy this limited edition kit, it's available at Sephora for $27.50.  

Product regretfully purchased by me


  1. Nice review on this! I like how honest and to the point you were with this kit. Sucks to hear and see that it was so bad.

  2. Evolve is the only thing that looks promising in here...thanks for doing the review.