Friday, April 18, 2014

Indigo Bananas: Hallucinate

Hey folks!  Indigo Bananas is having a sale this weekend (use code 20BANANAS now through 4/20/2014 for 20% off your order at the brand's new online store!), so I figured I'd show you one of their funky green holos!

Hallucinate is a multichrome linear holographic polish that shifts from green to copper.  It also features bright green shimmer!  For the most part, it appears green, but at some angles and in some listing situations, you'll notice a light copper shift.  I had trouble getting the linear holographic effect to show up well in photos, but it's very evident in person!  The formula was great.  For full opacity and a strong linear holo effect, use three thin coats.  I found the dry time to be a bit slow, but that may have just been due to environmental issues (everything I swatched that day seemed to dry slowly).

Outside, in sun

Indoors, with flash

Blurry to show sparkle

Inside, by a window

Copper shift

In shade

Indigo Bananas polishes cost $10-$13 for 15mL or $6.25-$8 for 8 mL and can be purchased on the brand's website or from international stockists.  Be sure to Like the Indigo Bananas Facebook page for the latest news!

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  1. That is one pretty shade of green for a holographic.