Monday, June 16, 2014

Dollish Polish-Pig Art (Charity Auction Custom)

Hey folks!  Very soon, I'll be organizing a small charity auction to benefit Pig Placement Network (a registered 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization), with the request that the money donated be used to help the homeless potbellied pigs being fostered at Ross Mill Farm & Piggy Camp.  Ross Mill is currently home to 109 adoptable pigs, and they need everything from food, to medical care, to blankets and more! The auction will be held on my Facebook page starting June 23rd (rules and details to come later)!

All polishes were custom-made for this event and will not be available outside the auction.  Two bottles of each color have been made, but only one of each will ever be made available for purchase at the auction.  The second bottle is my "swatch bottle," which will allow me to take promotional swatch photos without ruining the auction bottles.  These swatch bottles will remain in my possession forever and will not be auctioned.

To see the first custom polish I revealed, click HERE!
To see the second, click HERE!

The third polish I'd like to show you is Dollish Polish Pig Art.  Pig Art is a glitter topper jam-packed with, well, almost everything.  Shreds, squares, hexagons, circles, and even a few of those sequin/ring/donut type glitters are in here!  The color scheme appears to consist mostly of blues, pinks, purples, and greens.  It goes on nicely and it isn't hard to get a wide variety of shapes on the nail.  Unfortunately, my base color, Cult Nails Tempest, doesn't look so good here.  It was quite thick, did not want to dry well, and tends to streak when top coated with anything.  Just try to ignore Tempest and focus on the cute glitter instead!

In shade

In sun

The Inspiration Behind Pig Art

Pigs are highly intelligent creatures and love engaging in new and exciting activities (especially if it involves food!).  One of the ways that the folks at Ross Mill keep the pigs busy is by helping them to create pig art!  Here's how it works:

  1. You attach canvases to a board
  2. You squirt some paint on the canvases 
    Photo by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page
  3. You cover the wet canvases with plastic (be sure to strap it down)
  4. You drizzle/sprinkle treats like applesauce, yogurt, and ground up pig food on top of the plastic
    Photo by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page
  5. You let the pigs walk all over the board, licking up the food 
    Photo by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page

    Photo by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page

    Photo by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page
  6. Remove plastic and ta daa!  Pig art!
    Photo by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page
Creating pig art not only keeps the pigs busy, but it helps them raise money for Pig Placement Network!  You can browse available pieces HERE and order one if you find one you like!  Just be aware that you may need to have a backup choice in mind...the folks at PPN are very busy and don't always have a chance to update the gallery immediately :-)

I actually own pig art created by Girlfriend's piglets!

Want to see more cute pigs and learn about ways to help them?  Be sure to Like Ross Mill Farm & Piggy Camp and Pig Placement Network on Facebook!  To be kept updated on the auction, Like The Sparkling Hoard!  And it sure wouldn't hurt to Like the fabulous Dollish Polish, either!

Auction bottle generously donated by Dollish Polish.  Swatch bottle purchased by me.