Thursday, June 19, 2014

Elevation Polish-Blue Skies Over Ross Mill (Charity Auction Custom)

Hey folks!  Very soon, I'll be organizing a small charity auction to benefit Pig Placement Network (a registered 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization), with the request that the money donated be used to help the homeless potbellied pigs being fostered at Ross Mill Farm & Piggy Camp.  Ross Mill is currently home to 109 adoptable pigs, and they need everything from food, to medical care, to blankets and more! The auction will be held on my Facebook page starting June 23rd (rules and details to come later)!

All polishes were custom-made for this event and will not be available outside the auction.  Two bottles of each color have been made, but only one of each will ever be made available for purchase at the auction.  The second bottle is my "swatch bottle," which will allow me to take promotional swatch photos without ruining the auction bottles.  These swatch bottles will remain in my possession forever and will not be auctioned.

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The fifth polish I'd like to show you is Elevation Polish Blue Skies Over Ross Mill.  Blue Skies Over Ross Mill is a soft, light blue creme filled with red/gold shifting shimmer (shows up looking more pinky-violet/gold) and a soft linear holo effect.  It's a rather tricky shade of blue to describe...sometimes I feel like it has a hint of gray, other times it appears to lean slightly periwinkle.  Overall, it's just a lovely, serene type of color.  As is typical of Elevation Polish, the formula was perfect.  Full opacity is reached in 2-3 coats.  Dry time is average.  I really love it!

In sun

With flash

Indoors, by a window

Check out this video of Blue Skies Over Ross Mill!

The Inspiration Behind Blue Skies Over Ross Mill

This polish is inspired by the beautiful atmosphere at the farm.  Ross Mill is located at the end of a narrow road in rural Pennsylvania.  It's very secluded and, as a result, quite peaceful.  The pigs (and people) roam the farm in bliss on clear, bright, sunny days.  The people who work there do magical, wonderful, and beautiful things.  They provide over 100 neglected and abandoned pigs with a loving foster home.  They help sick pigs get healthy, and help fat-blind pigs lose weight so they may see again.  Mistreated pigs learn to trust people.  Pregnant pigs who get rescued are able to have their babies in a safe environment, and they get spayed so they never have to face an accidental litter again.  Ross Mill works with Pig Placement Network to find homes for as many pigs as possible...and even if a pig never finds their forever home, they are at least able to live out the rest of their life surrounded by people who care so deeply for them.  This soft blue, filled with shifty shimmer and holographic pigment, is a wonderful representation of how serene and magical Ross Mill Farm is.

Piggies graze under a beautiful blue sky
Photo by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page

Look at all the smiling, happy piggies!
Photos by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page

Whether it's cuddling or kissing, there's plenty of love to go around!
Photos by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page

Farm owner Susan says goodbye to Churchill as he heads off to his new home
Photo by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page

Outdoor pigs live in lovingly constructed houses in "The Village"
Photo by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page

Feeding the pigs is hard work!  So much food!
Photo by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page

The laundry never ends!
Photo by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page

Girlfriend was nearly fat-blind when she arrived, but now she can see just fine!
Photo on left by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page
Photo on right by Cynthia Lindgren

Hoof trims never end!  Some are easy.  Others involve two people and lots of squealing.
Photos by Jennifer Brown, Ross Mill Farm Facebook page

Want to see more cute pigs and learn about ways to help them?  Be sure to Like Ross Mill Farm & Piggy Camp and Pig Placement Network on Facebook!  To be kept updated on the auction, Like The Sparkling Hoard!  And it sure wouldn't hurt to follow the Elevation Polish blog, either!

Auction bottle and swatch bottle both generously donated by Elevation Polish.