Friday, August 1, 2014

Indigo Bananas Summer Rains Collection (Part 1): Countdown to Extinction and Acid Ocean

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Hey folks!  Long time, no posts, I know.  I was feeling a little burnt out after the charity auction, so I took a break.  Now I'm back with some great stuff from Indigo Bananas!

As far as formula goes, everything in this collection was pretty much the same.  Smooth, no problems, and opaque in 2-3 coats.  The flakies are thin and sit nice and flat against the nail (these aren't those awful, stiff flakies you'll find in many flakie polishes these days).  Dry time is average.

Indigo Bananas Countdown to Extinction features a medium green jelly base filled with holographic pigment and green/gold and red/green colorshifting flakies.  The holographic pigment produces a somewhat loose, but definitely linear holographic effect.  As with most rich green polishes, there is a chance of yellow staining with this color, so it's best to wear a good base coat as a precaution.  I know green isn't a terribly popular color for nail polish, but I really hope people will give this beauty a chance!  I was surprised by how much I liked it.  

In sun

Indoors with flash

In shade

Inside, by a window...pardon the rogue partial watermarks I just noticed lol!

Indigo Bananas Acid Ocean features a deep teal blue jelly base filled with green and aqua colorshifting flakies and bronze/green shifting shimmer.  It has sort of a magical seaweed vibe to it, and it reminds me of mermaids!  This seems to be everyone's favorite from the collection!

In sun

Indoors, with flash

In shade

Polishes from the Summer Rains collection cost $7.25 for 8mL (mini) or $12 for 15 mL (full sized) and can be purchased from the Indigo Bananas website or from international stockists listed HERE.  Be sure to Like the Indigo Bananas Facebook page to stay up to date on the latest collections!

Products provided for review

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