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Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués-Selections From the Holiday Cheer Collection (Holiday Cheer, Feeling Festive, and Special Delivery)

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Hey folks! I've got something a little different for you today...Incoco nail polish appliqués! I know a lot of you nail polish purists are probably thinking "NOPE.  NOT INTERESTED," but just hear me out! Nail strips can have a place in your polish routine:
  • It's nice to have them on hand for occasions where you don't have time to wait for polish to dry, do clean up, etc.  
  • If you're not great at nail art, or simply don't feel like putting in the effort, you can instantly have a perfect design on your nails.
  • If you have limited mobility in your hands, nail strips may be easier to work with than polish.  
Before you start applying the appliqués, you have to find the right size strip for each nail. There are eight sizes on each of the 2 strips included in a package (the strips are identical), and the ends of each strip differ slightly so you can pick which cuticle shape will fit you best. I found that it was best to line up the side of an appliqué with the side of the nail and sort of roll the appliqué over the nail to see if it would reach the other side. Overall, I found that the strips fit very well, though some of the nails on my right hand are rather wide and irregularly shaped, so the appliqués did not fit as nicely. These will definitely work better on short/average nail lengths.

Incoco nail polish appliqués are made of polish and backed with adhesive. They do not smell like polish, but they do have a bit of a plastic-like smell to them which fades within a day. They're thin and slightly stretchy, and the adhesive can handle quite a bit of repositioning as long as you haven't really pressed down on the appliqué. It's best to warm each strip prior to use by holding it between your hands for a moment (though I usually just stick it under my leg, haha). You peel off the clear plastic layer and then grab the silver tab to peel the appliqué from the backing. Next, you center the appliqué close to the cuticle and smooth it over the nail towards the tip (it's okay to stretch it a little bit, but if you stretch it too much, you may crack the design on the appliqué), and then towards the sides (I use this rubber-tipped cuticle pusher to smooth the appliqué over the nail). You sort of pull/push the appliqué over your free edge and then file downward until the excess bit of appliqué detaches. After that, I squeezed the fingertip and rubbed the appliqué to make sure it was fully adhered.

In my opinion, they are as durable as polish. Incoco claims a manicure can last two weeks, but after one week, I felt my nails had grown out too much (yay for vitamins!), and I had tip wear and chipping (though the chipping was likely due to the fact that I had done a lot of cleaning that week). If you are not hard on your nails, your manicure will likely still look pretty perfect after a week. Removal was easy, though it's a little different from removing polish because the adhesive layer can form gummy balls as it comes up off the nail.  The 
appliqués did not cause any damage or staining.  

Check out their video on proper application:

You can also see Incoco's text instructions and read an FAQ HERE

Looks pretty easy, right?  Let's see how I did!  Please excuse the wrinkles and "fatness" of my fingers. When the swelling caused by my primary lymphedema goes down, my skin becomes wrinkly and squishy, so it kind of flattens and makes me look like I have super fat fingers, haha.  

Incoco Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer features a shimmer, red and gold, gingham design.  I thought it looked very cute and application was super easy!

Incoco Feeling Festive

Feeling Festive features a black ornament print over a shimmery, evergreen base.  I think it looks like wrapping paper! This close-up photo shows that I was a bit overzealous when filing off the excess, but it wasn't really apparent in person.

Incoco Special Delivery

Special Delivery features a red bow design over a shimmery, silver base. I'm only showing three fingers here because I had some swelling and couldn't position all my fingers properly. This photo was taken four days into the manicure, and as you can see, it was still holding up nicely! The bow design did "crack" slightly, but this could not be observed in person. I only noticed it because of my camera's awesome macro mode.

Appliqué sets from the Holiday Cheer collection sell for $7.99 (color) to $8.99 (design) per set. However, I just checked the site and they appear to be on sale for $6.75 to $7.65! It looks like Incoco is also running some Black Friday sales, so you should probably check out now!
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