Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués-Selections From the Holiday Cheer Collection (Holiday Glimmer, Alpine Retreat, O Christmas Tree, and Evergreen Forest)

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Hey folks!  I just cannot get through these Incoco samples fast enough because I never want to take them off!  I haven't painted my nails in over a month because I just keep wearing the appliqués.  I know it's a bit late to be posting the super Christmas-y designs (hopefully you checked out the whole collection after I posted my other review!), but I think they'll help you form an opinion on Incoco nail polish appliqués in general.

For a full review and details on application, wear time, etc, go HERE.

Incoco Holiday Glimmer

Holiday Glimmer features a string of colored lights over a silver glitter base.  Super cute and very sparkly! I did find, however, that the adhesive didn't seem as sticky as it usually is.  Also, since this set is made with real glitter, it is a little harder to remove than sets made using only polish.  

Incoco Alpine Retreat

Alpine Retreat features a black and red sweater design over a shimmery white base.  This design was a bit sheer (you may notice some visible nail line), and it didn't seem as sticky as the others.

Incoco O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree features red and green dots, and trees made of red and green dots, all over a silver shimmer base. The dots did crack slightly during application, but it wasn't really visible in person. The set is printed in such a way that it should allow you to have a tree on your thumb and a tree on either your middle finger or ring finger (it depends on how the tree appliqué fits you).

Incoco Evergreen Forest

Evergreen Forest is a pine green shimmer with a slight blue shift. This mani was a total rush job, and it still turned out pretty nice! My placement and filing weren't the best, but it was better than going out with naked nails!

Appliqué sets from the Holiday Cheer collection sell for $7.99 (color) to $8.99 (design) per set. Be sure to follow Incoco on social media!

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products received for review

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